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Semmelweis University 2nd Department of Paediatrics, commonly known as Tűzoltó Street children’s clinic.

The 2nd Department of Paediatrics was founded in 1946, as a direct successor of the White Cross Children’s Hospital, which had been established in 1885.

The children’s clinic is the main central university hospital of paediatric patients treated with cancer and leukaemia in Hungary.  50% of the Hungarian children who face these conditions are hospitalized here, as many as treated by the rest of the national oncology centres in the country altogether. The dedicated work of the highly skilled paediatric oncologists is supported by gifted nurses, psychologists, play therapists, educators and physiotherapists.

Thanks to the new and innovative treatments 80 % of the children with cancer and leukaemia are fully recovered. This result proves that the childhood cancer and leukaemia is curable if assisted by early diagnosis and adequate treatment!

Őrzők Foundation is the formal but independent entity of the clinic, established in 1990 by the Semmelweis University 2nd Department of Paediatrics and two other founders. 

Őrzők Public Foundation for Children with Tumour and Leukaemia at Tűzoltó Street

Őrzők (Guardians) Public Foundation for Children with Tumour and Leukaemia at Tűzoltó Street was established in 1990 by the Semmelweis University 2nd Department of Paediatrics (commonly known as Tűzoltó Street children’s clinic) and two other founders (The Hungarian Institute of Infant and Child Health and a private person).

The Őrzők Foundation’s most important overall goal is to support the Tűzoltó Street children’s clinic to provide the best possible advanced oncology treatment for the children with dedicated skilled staff in a child friendly and supportive environment.

  • Őrzők Foundation coordinates closely with the management of the clinic and purchases medical devices that cannot be funded through the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary so that the clinic uses the most progressive technology for the best results.
  • Őrzők Foundation contributes to the recovery and well being of the children by helping the clinic to maintain and further develop its extraordinary medical care and research work through staff’s participation in scientific and thematic conferences and seminars as well as relevant trainings (covering fees, travelling cost, etc) and the development of new therapeutic protocols.
  • Őrzők Foundation helps the clinic refurbishing, reconstructing and improving the wards of the clinic (painting, decoration, new furniture, etc) to ensure hygienic and child friendly environment constantly. This support includes among others the construction of a rehabilitation gym and a day-care ward where the children receive treatments as outpatients and spend the rest of the day with their family at home.
  • Őrzők Foundation published a unique and informative children’s book “Bátorságpróba” (Courage Test) with the contribution of dedicated professionals who designed and wrote the book without any remuneration. The book is distributed free of charge among the patients and all the interested parties. The colourful book gives child friendly information on the healing process including details of the medical examination of the children with leukaemia and tumour.
  • Őrzők Foundation runs a therapeutic recreational activity “Őrzők Élményműhely” (Guardians Experience Workshop), a dedicated playroom, space for children and their parents waiting for treatment or check up may be for hours several times a week.  Special therapists, psychologists and teachers run the daily activities that allow kids to connect with each other and use the opportunity to express their fears and discomfort and hence overcome with the difficulties.
  • Őrzők Foundation supports the families by providing free accommodation during the long or short term treatment of the children who come from the countryside and need to return regularly for remedy or must stay - may be for months or even up to two years - at the clinic. While 6 small apartments (Mommy-Baby rooms) are available in the building of the clinic, 7 further bigger apartments accommodate families in the vicinity of the clinic. The apartments are owned, maintained and managed by Őrzők Foundation.
  • Őrzők Foundation organized the very first reunion of recovered former young patients in Hungary with the participation of 150 patients and family members in 2015. This was a very good occasion and opportunity to share experiences and encourage children still struggling with cancer.

 Őrzők Foundation achieves its goals and provide all the above mentioned assistance with the help of our Donors and Supporters.

  • Őrzők Foundation uses all the available opportunities to apply for grants.
  • Őrzők Foundation organizes charity events and participates in sport activities, primarily running to raise funds.
  • Őrzők Foundation regularly organizes awareness and fund raising campaigns.
  • Őrzők Foundation has recently launched a dedicated web site (http://egyuttgyogyitunk.hu/) to collect donation for particular important causes.

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